The Deathless Girls by Kiran Miller Hargrave

the deathless girls

They say the thirst of blood is like a madness – they must sate it. Even with their own kin

The Deathless Girls By Kiran Miller Hargrave is a gothic, intoxicating, feminist, darkly provoking and deeply romantic tale. It is the breathtakingly imagined untold story of the brides of Dracula. This is going to be my spoiler-free review of my experience reading the eBook/Audiobook.

The Characters and World Building

The world building in this book felt a lot stronger than the character development for me. After getting to the end though I can kind of see why the lack of connection with the characters kind of makes sense? While listening to The Deathless Girls I really felt like I was there, in the forests, with the characters through every step of their journey. Kiran’s writing is so poetic and lyrical. The beautifully descriptive nature of it is incredibly immersive and I loved that most about this book.

I also loved the sisterly dynamic of the main characters. I love reading about sisters and strong female relationships in general. This comes through is so so strongly in this novel! There is also some F/F romance but it felt very “instalove” which is not my favourite. However, given that this is a very short book and given the outcome at the end. It kind of makes sense that it is not a slow burn relationship that tugs at every one of your heart strings.

The Story Progression and Plot

The story progression was gripping for me. There was never a point where I was bored with whatever was going on. I constantly wanted to know what the outcome was going to be. Constantly wanting to know more. If you go into this expecting a book about vampires though… You will be disappointed. The Deathless Girls is less about the girls as vampires and more about their journey to becoming them. So the actual amount of the book featuring vampires is very limited but as I went into it with no expectations I wasn’t disappointed. I wanted a dark, witchy, magical story… and that is exactly what I got.

Overall thoughts and my rating

Overall, I absolutely loved listening to the audio book for The Deathless Girls. Listening to the narrator read the rhythmic style of Kirans writing with such emotion and conviction was a truly new and unique experience for me. I adored the female strength that came through the characters and despite the story being very bleak and dark as a whole, I was very much in the mood for that!
I couldn’t end this review without mentioning that absolutely stunning cover as well… just look at it! It is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and it really caught my eye. All of these things considered, I rated this book five stars.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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