My Favourite Childhood Books

My Favourite Childhood Books

Throughout my childhood I was always reading. Mostly encouraged by my mother, always pushing me to study and read as much as possible. Recently, I have recently been really enjoying YA Fantasy. So, I thought I would throwback to my favourite books I read as a child.

Confessions of Georgia Nicolson

I love, love, LOVED this series by Louise Renninson. I always ended up going back to it. Reading the books while watching the film that was made based on the first few books – Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging. I felt like I could relate to the main character Georgia so much back then. It epitomises all the teenage angst that comes with growing up, especially as a girl. You get to experience it all from her perspective and its so humorous and true to life.

Sandy Lane Stables

I was horse-obsessed growing up. (still am in a way). I loved anything horse related and that included books! The Sandy Lane Stables series by Michelle Bates I picked up from my Primary School library. Every Monday afternoon after lunch we had to pick a book and read for an hour in silence. It was probably my favourite time of the day in school. Sandy Lane Stables is a series of full length fiction. It’s based on the people who live or work at the riding school and their adventures and friendship.

Jacqueline Wilson, Everything!

I really enjoyed watching Tracey Beaker on CBBC as a child. So naturally I had to go and read where she originated! I found the books first, again, in my school library. After reading The Bed and Breakfast Star I was hooked. I wanted to read them all, I was constantly begging my mum to get me the newest releases. I loved all her stories, even the ones not Tracey Beaker related. Girls in Love, Sleep Over, Illustrated Mum, The Suitcase Kid, The Lottie Project, Candyfloss. The list is endless. These stories will always have a special place in my heart.


Heartland is a 26-novel series created by Lauren Brooke. It began in 2000 with the novel Coming Home. The series is about a girl named Amy Fleming. She lives on a horse ranch called Heartland in Virginia with her family. Here, they attempt to help the abused horses by using psychologically based therapies instead of more traditional training methods. I didn’t read this entire series but I did get through a fair few of them. I loved the stories about all the broken horses. Especially how the main character almost healed herself by fixing all these damaged animals. There is also a Television series based on the books but I am yet to watch it.

What were your favourite books to read growing up?

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