Little Witch Academia Vol. 2 By Yoh Yoshinari

Little Witch Academia Vol. 2 By Yoh Yoshinari

This week I finished the second addition to the Little Witch Academia manga series! If you would like to see my review for Volume 1 you can do so here. Here is a little summary of the second volume:

Akko can’t seem to pass her transformation magic test, which means she can’t participate in the joint-dinner banquet with the prestigious students from Appleton. Having lost confidence, Akko has her eyes set to the northernmost part of campus for the Polaris Spring, which is said to grant witches tremendous power.

The Characters and World Building

The second volume introduced some new characters who we also see in the Netflix series and the movies. I feel like the manga made more effort to drop details about the side characters which I appreciated. The book tells us where some characters originate from and things like that which the shows do not.

The Story Progression and Plot

The story progression was nothing new for me unfortunately. It was almost entirely replicated from the animé series so that made it a little less exciting for me. There was one chapter which included more background about Andrew and the boys at his school. It was interesting to see him share his views about witches and challenge the other school boys. For the most part however, I felt I was simply rereading something I had already watched. I liked that volume 1 included more extras to engage fans of the show.

The Artwork and Drawings

Putting that aside, I think that anyone who is new to Little Witch Academia would appreciate how detailed the art work is. It does an excellent job of visually illustrating the story in still. I really liked the little character profile pages at the beginning of every new chapter. They feature drawings of the character and a mini description under their name. The cover is beautiful too! I much prefer it to the first volume.

Overall I rated the second volume, 5 stars. I decided not to rate it down because it was similar to the Netflix series as that is exactly what it is supposed to be! Anyone new to this manga would be far more engaged in the story progression.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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