Little Witch Academia Vol. 1 By Yoh Yoshinari – A Review

little witch academia

Welcome to my first ever manga review! I watch so much anime. So, I told myself when I got back into reading fiction that I would also try to read more manga. In between waiting for my next read to arrive in the post I thought I would pick up Volume 1 of Little Witch Academia. It was a relatively short read, taking me only 30 minutes to read the entire thing!

Ever since Aktsuko Kagari saw the witch Shiny Chariot perform when she was little, she’s dreamed of becoming a witch. She’s not from a witch family, but because the school that trains witches, Luna Nova, is beginning to see a decline in students with the rise of technology, Akko manages to get herself accepted. She’s got more enthusiasm and heart than anyone else there, but will that be enough for her to truly become a witch?

The Characters and World Building

This manga is an adaptation of the anime series of the same name (not the movies). It is trying to be a companion piece rather than a strict adaptation or retelling. What does this mean? Well, while the story follows the same basic trajectory as the series. It does instead skim over some of the events of the anime and shows us some extra fluff that the TV series skipped. While there is some overlap, it makes for an interesting change which I really enjoyed!
I appreciated that the author kept the characters true to the anime. I loved seeing their personalities illustrated across the pages in the drawings. Akko is such a beacon of hope and belief. Even when all the odds are against her she never ever loses hope in getting what she wants and I love that! I wish I could be more like Akko sometimes.

In addition, I also enjoyed getting to see more of Lotte and the spirits. The anime doesn’t really go into much detail about them.

The Story Progression and Plot

As I said previously, I liked that we got to see something slightly different. The manga kinda takes elements of the show and gives them their own twist. It was less about Lunar Nova and more about the characters themselves. That allowed for us to see more of the kinks in their relationships. As it is super short there wasn’t a great deal of story progression but we the main plot was laid out well in the beginning. It is clear what Akko’s aims are straight away.

Overall Little Witch Academia was a really entertaining read and I am excited to start reading and reviewing more manga on my blog!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Do you read manga? what are some of your favourites and why? I am fully open to suggestions!

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    • Dominique
      18th June 2019 / 9:43 PM

      They are great! Defo recommend!

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