Life of a Publishing Student – Week 5

Life of a Publishing Student – Week 5

This series follows my experience as a publishing masters student. You can catch up on last weeks post, here. This week was a really positive week for me as well as a stressful one! Here’s what went down in week 5:

The Dreaded Marketing Test

This week was the deadline for the marketing test of doom. All week we were all asking each other “pssst! have you done the marketing test yet” just to get an inkling on what it was going to be like. It was Tuesday night when I decided to buckle down and just get it out of the way. The test was an online one we all had 90 minutes to complete. We only got one shot at it too! It was based on the first four weeks of content so far in the module.

Considering I found myself overthinking the answers at times, I managed to secure myself 70% which I’m really pleased with!

Colours, Coatings & Communication

Next week our book specifications for Design and Production are due in! While this coursework is only worth 5% of our overall grade for the module as a whole, it felt like it should be worth more?

As two people (we had to do this in pairs) who have never worked in book production before. Picking out a book and trying to figure out the difference between gloss and silk pages, types of lamination, CMYK, and all these other complicated things, was tough! Me and my partner put a lot of effort into trying to get it right only for it to not even be worth that much. A little bit disappointing but I am glad another deadline is out of the way.

Volunteering and Work Experience

Experience in the publishing industry is perhaps the single most thing I needed to work on as a publishing masters student. I knew from day one that I would need to work extremely hard to get hands on experience in a place where the competition is fierce.

Well, some of my hard work paid off this week as I heard back from The Story Museum! I am hoping to be working with them in the near future on their 1001 Blurbs project which is super exciting!

Dissertation or Major Project?

Since day one I was set on doing a dissertation. I thought it would be wise to stick to what I know. This week during our Dissertation lecture we had a detailed session on major projects. I was starting to be seriously swayed while listening to examples of past projects.

I am really passionate about addressing the representation and diversity issues in children’s publishing and was initially planning to write a paper on a title surrounding the problem. Now I am very much feeling inspired to do more than that. It’s all well and good exploring and researching an issue but why not actually make something that could actively make a difference?

Next Week: Week 6 is skills week! So we will be taking some time out from our usual timetable for specific skill sessions on each day.

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