Life of a Publishing Student – Week 4

Life of a Publishing Student – Week 4

This series follows my experience as an MA Publishing Media student. Last week was chock-a-block! This week was no different:

The Story Museum

This week we got a visit from The Story Museum about volunteering experience. As a publishing student and someone very much interested in children’s publishing this came as a welcome addition to the week. The museum is currently undergoing a lot of renovation and we got to see what the redevelopment would look like when it is finished next year!

Getting children and young adults back into reading is something that is becoming more and more difficult in the digital age of gaming and social media. Sometimes it is easy to forget that reading can be a really engaging form of entertainment too! The Story Museum is working to help develop the power of stories, working with children, adults, writers and the like.

Freshers Flu Flawed Me

Freshers flu got the better of me this week. Just when I thought the worst of it had passed, I woke up Wednesday feeling an extreme wave of physical exhaustion. I just could not function mentally or physically! So it ended up being my first day where I was actually unable to attend my classes that day. Instead I stayed in bed and worked from there. I am writing this post on Saturday feeling a lot better which is good.

A Change in Schedule

The normal schedule for publishing students was different for week 4. Frankfurt Book Fair took place this week! I was not able to get the funds before the deadline to go unfortunately. It did mean though, that some classes we not running as usual. I used the time in the library to catch up on reading and editorial practice! Later on I visited the IT suit to go over my book cover assignment with the lecturers to make sure it was ready for submission! This weekend I will be adding the final touches and then handing it in.

A few people commented asking if they could see it, I am going to wait until I have already submitted it before showing it here, just to be safe!

It’s Getting Colder

It’s officially autumn weather here in the UK and it has been really cold and wet this week. Hot chocolate has become my new best friend. It is honestly that little bit of warm comfort after commuting an hour in the rain. I don’t drink tea or coffee and I had been reluctant to try drinking hot chocolate from Starbucks and similar places because they use full-fat milk. (I’m lactose intolerant). My mum informed me that they usually have alternatives so I tried one with coconut milk and it has changed my life!

It tastes just like those Bounty chocolate bars, it’s SO good.

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