Life of a Publishing Student – Week 3

Life of a Publishing Student – Week 3

This series follows my experience as an MA Publishing Media student. You can read last weeks post here. Week three was a jam-packed week! Here’s what went down:

Burgers and a Beer

In week three we all got together for a social event on Tuesday evening after Editorial. It was really nice to sit down and get to know more people! It can be hard to find the time to get to know your classmates while drowning in reading and deadlines and such. So it was enjoyable to unwind with a drink and some food!

Guest Speakers and Events

Tuesday lunchtime we had a fantastic talk by the founder of Storymix, Jasmine Richards. Storymix is a fiction production company with a focus on more inclusive representation in children’s books.

Jasmine’s talk was extremely inspiring. Especially as someone who comes from an ethnic-minority background. It was really heart-warming to see someone who represented me, doing something to make a difference for underrepresented cultures in children’s fiction.

Of the 9,115 children’s titles published in 2017 only 4% featured Black Asian Minority Ethnic characters. Only 1% of those books had any BAME lead characters.

It was this quote that really hit home for me. I heard it and my mind instantly wanted to do everything I could to change that.

Freshers Flu is real, too real

For so many years I managed to avoid contracting freshers flu. It just so happened that the year I come back as a publishing postgrad, I somehow caught it! Getting up at 6am and dragging my sorry self to 9am lectures this week was extra difficult to say the least. As a result, I got a bit behind on my reading and homework but I got it done nonetheless.

This week was a great week (minus the flu of course). Week 4 is next, time is flying by!

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