Life of a Publishing Student: Week 0

Life of a Publishing Student: Week 0

As many of you will know I started my MA in Publishing Media last week. As a book blogger I thought it might be interesting to document my experience working towards a career in publishing as a publishing student. I will be writing weekly posts about my experiences in lectures and internships. As well as how I am dealing with the workload and what I have learnt along the way.

What Modules Am I Taking?

For semester one I am taking 3 core modules as well as a dissertation module. We have the choice to produce a dissertation paper or a major project and I decided to stick to what I know, essay writing! The three compulsory modules are:

– Marketing, Sales and Consumer Insight
– Editorial Management and Content Development
– Design and Production

Meeting new people and making friends

This is probably the bit I found the hardest. I walked into the John Snow Room (yes we have a John Snow room aha!) to see most of the class already chatting away to each other. I didn’t know anybody yet and I was so intimidated and anxious! I went and found an empty chair to sit in and waited for the introductory talks to begin.

After the talks we were encouraged to get up and network with the department and our fellow classmates. This is where I had a bit of a meltdown. The room was incredibly loud and there were many people stood around my desk in a hot stuffy room and I just had to get out. I left the room for 5 minutes and went to the bathroom to compose myself in the quiet. Then, I came back in and sat back in my seat and a lovely girl approached me and started a conversation. I appreciated this so much because I was way too terrified to go up to any of the groups and “butt in” so to speak.

We were given three golden rules when we started and one of them was to never leave anyone out. If someone is sat on their own, include them and make them feel welcome and that person is always me. I have always struggled to make friends.

Getting Used To Student Life, Again.

Student life, lets face it, it can suck. Never having any money, juggling work, study, relationships and hobbies. It is very hard! But you know what? I’ve missed it. I feel like studying and learning is where my heart is, I absolutely love it. Being back has made me realise how much I actually miss the environment and being around people with the same passions as you.

End of the week thoughts and feelings

Day one left me an emotional wreck. I thought I couldn’t do it and that I wasn’t cut out for the course. However, after several days of attending different classes and talks I feel a lot better. I am slowly making friends with the people on the course and although I generally hate group work with a burning passion in my soul. Working with some of the girls on my publishing course has been a dream. Everyone makes an effort and nothing is one sided or left to one person.

I have gone from walking into that room on day one full of anxiety and on the verge of tears to walking around campus smiling and stopping for coffee with the other students on my course. We say hi and stop for a chat, even when we can’t remember each others names yet. You recognise a face and you have a chat about how things are going. It’s nice!

This week proper lectures and coursework assignments begin, wish me luck!

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  1. 24th September 2019 / 3:36 PM

    Awww Dominique, I’m so glad it’s getting easier for you! A new start is always SO nervewracking and overwhelming. Doubting yourself and your capabilities is common, but don’t let doubt win! I’m proud of you and I can’t wait to keep up with your journey ♡

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