Hello May! Life Updates and May 2019 Goals

Hello May! Life Updates and May 2019 Goals

It’s been a while since I posted a life update or personal kind of post. As it’s the first day of May 2019 I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on the year so far and my goals for this month!

Reflecting on April 2019

April was one word – STRESS. I had so many issues with my blog and switching hosts, WordPress malfunctioning, Jetpack not working. It was honestly hell for the first few weeks. Eventually though that was sorted out and things were back up and running hundreds of emails later!

This month I also had a really important hospital appointment all the way in Reading which was a good hour and a half bus ride. Navigating our way round Reading was really stressful as well, it’s not somewhere I am particularly familiar with and I was so anxious about missing the appointment. It was a month wait so I didn’t want to miss it!

As some of you may know I am also on the hunt for a part-time job. I have been going to interviews constantly and I am yet to have much luck at all. I’m in this weird limbo between companies thinking I’m overqualified for the job and others thinking I lack experience for specific roles. I can’t win! They see my degree and either think “okay what the hell are you doing here!?” or “that’s great but what else have you done!?” it’s incredibly depressing at times.

Moreover, I am still waiting to hear back about my masters application which is making me so anxious!

Reflecting on the year so far as a whole

At the end of 2018 I set myself a small set of goals to keep me on track this year. My goals for this year were:

– To have a job.
– To improve my health and well-being.
– To have a solid career plan to work towards.

I also set myself some smaller mini goals to keep in mind too which included: reading more books, possibly learning to drive again and to try and save some money. So far a few of these have gone well.

I have already been reading a lot more than I was before. The only time I had to read previously was for my degree and its so nice to get my head stuck in some hardcore fantasy. It’s been so much fun being a part of the book community and sharing my experiences and love for books with other people!

Saving money and getting a job haven’t gone well at all so far unfortunately. They kind of coincide together. I need to be earning money so that I can save it! Same goes for learning to drive, I can’t do that with no money. It’s very expensive!

After months going back and forth about what I wanted for my career I finally decided which path I want to follow and I am actively working towards that now which feels really good!

My health and well-being still aren’t the best but again, I’ve been trying to get help for those issues so hopefully things will improve in that department also when the ball gets rolling.

Goals For May 2019

My goals for May are to hopefully finish at least 3 books. I would really like to hear back from the University about my MA application. A job would also be amazing but my luck hasn’t been the best so far so I am not going to be all that shocked if that still hasn’t happened by the end of May.

I’d like to continue to grow my book blog and social medias too. We have done incredible this month even with the setbacks so I’m excited to see what May has to offer!

We reached 200+ follows on my Bookstagram, over 300 on my Twitter and 60+ blog followers in April! I’m really really pleased with that growth. Thank you all so much for supporting my content!

What are your goals for May 2019? I hope you all had an amazing April and that your month of May is even better!

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