Shakespeare Book Cover Design Project

Shakespeare Book Cover Design Project

Above is a mock-up of my design for a Shakespeare book cover adapted for children. It was my first time fully illustrating a book cover, Here is a breakdown of my idea for this project:

Shakespeare Adapted for Children

For our Design and Production module this semester we are being tasked with creating a Shakespeare book cover for a paperback. I chose Romeo and Juliet and as someone very much interested in working in children’s publishing I wanted to design my book for that market.

For this project I wanted to create something different. I could have easily gone with something for adults but this had been done so many times before. While there are also books like mine already out there in the market, it definitely appeared much less saturated.

Design and Illustrations

I illustrated the cover and the images on the back digitally. I wanted to give it that juvenile, drawn by a child, feel. While also keeping it professional and clear. It depicts the infamous balcony scene in the play. I chose this iconic scene because I thought it would be the easiest to add a whimsical touch. The night sky and the moon contrasted with the bold colourful typography make for a cover aimed to attract parents who might want to introduce their child to the works of Shakespeare in a fun way.

Personal Reflections

If I were to go back and do this book cover project again I would maybe make the background a different shade of blue to reflect the nights sky. While I like the shade I chose, it makes the spine typography a little difficult to read clearly. I would also make sure to include my publisher name on the back of the cover. I initially didn’t do this because it was on the spine but having it on both would be more appropriate.

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