A New Year is Approaching | 2019 Goals

A New Year is Approaching | 2019 Goals

I told myself I wasn’t going to set goals for 2019. This year has been absolutely abysmal and all the goals I had set for myself were actually worse off than when I originally set them. It really really got me down and I didn’t want to end next year the same way. 

Since then I have been slowly working towards making some improvements to my life I decided that I would set some smaller more achievable goals for 2019. 

Have some kind of job

I really really need a job. I’ve been unemployed since May and granted I took a month or two to chill. I am still yet to find any kind of employment. I really hope I have a job by the end of 2019. 

Improve my health and well-being

I know this is one of those typical goals that everyone is constantly trying to achieve but this is something I really need to actually try to do. My health is shockingly bad after years of not giving a crap about myself. I had a blood test that informed me that my vitamin D levels were so severely low that my bones could be affected. It was at 15 instead of 40. I know, it’s horrific. I was also low on iron and a number of other things. I want to have my vitamin and mineral levels healthy again by the end of next year. 

Have some kind of career plan to work towards

I feel so lost without some kind of plan to work towards. I am so sick of my family being broke and poor and I want more than anything to break out of poverty and be financially stable. Having a career goal means I actively working towards a better life for myself and its a light at the end of the tunnel when there’s no food in the fridge or the council tax bill is due. 

Some optional mini-goals
• Learn to drive again and maybe even try to pass my practical test. 
• Start saving money.
• Read more books.

Have you thought about your goals for the upcoming year? If so, what are you working towards in 2019?

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