Why I decided to change my career path

Why I decided to change my career path

Before I went to university I had no idea what kind of career I wanted. I did know one thing though, I did not want to be poor for the rest of my life. I wanted to be financially stable and have a career that was worth all the hard work I put in. Ending up in a dead end job was not an option. Building a life for myself independently was what I wanted more than anything.

Community Management

During my degree I had become quite fond of content creating. It has been a hobby of mine since 2014 and I was so passionate about it. I decided that I would try to find a career in the gaming industry and worked towards becoming a community manager when I graduated. September 2016 I got the opportunity to work with one of the biggest gaming companies, Electronic Arts. Two years later I had built up four years under my belt managing online communities and social media.

Despite all my efforts to land a role my expertise and experience were not enough to get the job I wanted. Community Management jobs were highly competitive with thousands of applicants going for each open vacancy. Moreover, none of them were nearby and for almost all of them I would need to commute an unrealistic distance or just move entirely.

It slowly became clear after 6 months of trying that maybe the gaming industry was not one I wanted to be a part of any longer. I was being continuously lead down the garden path and then abandoned. People contacting me about work and then not responding, not calling when they arranged a call with me. I got sick and tired of being messed around.

It was time to put the controller down on that dream.

So, where do I go from here?

From here I had a long hard think. Scratching away at the back of my mind was the possibility of teaching. My teachers in school all told me I would make a fantastic teacher, My mum did too. She had been nagging me to go for it and I kept saying I would never teach. All the opportunities were there during my degree. Dedicated modules that got you proper school experience for teaching post-graduation. I didn’t pick them, because I did not ever see myself teaching.

Mother always knows best

She was right. It was 6 months since I had graduated and I was really starting to miss philosophy. I missed the intellectual stimulation, I love learning and writing and being in an academic setting. It’s where I thrive. Did I really think I could feel fulfilled in life sat behind a desk, day in day out, updating social media accounts for a job? Hell no. I had just got myself in sixty thousand pounds of debt in university fees, plus interest. I wanted to take all of the blood, sweat, tears and money and use it to change peoples lives, to teach.

Yes, I’m scared as hell. All the anxieties about having the futures of so many young people in my hands terrifies me. But if I can encourage young people, who like me, come from disadvantaged backgrounds. That they can achieve anything they put their minds to, then it will all be worth it.

My lack of confidence let me believe I could never do it.

The path to becoming a Philosophy Teacher

Firstly, I’d need to take a step backwards and get my Maths GCSE Grade C that I never managed to achieve in school. By the time I had made this decision it was October. I did not know that you could retake your GCSE Maths and English for free in the UK if you did not have a C grade. One of the main reasons I was so against teaching was because I cannot do maths, I mean I really can’t. It scares me how hard I find it and I was under the impression I would need to pay a lot of money to retake it now I had left school.

I found out it was free but as I said, it was October and most colleges only allowed admissions until the end of September. It was too late. I was devastated. Now that I had a path to follow I wanted to get to work straight away and I couldn’t, I’d need to wait an entire year before I could go college and take evening part-time maths classes to redo my GCSE Maths.

It was a start though. I tried to remain positive and think of this year as well needed time to look after myself after an intense period of study.

Maths was my worst subject in school.

Future Steps

Once I have achieve my C in GCSE Maths I hope to go straight onto my PGCE Teaching Qualification. This will enable me to to achieve QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and begin Teaching Philosophy in a school or college.

I also really want to complete a Masters Degree but I am on the fence. It’s highly unlikely that I will be able to juggle Maths, a job and an MA at the same time. I will try to keep you all updated on my career and how my journey is going.

Have you ever changed career paths? If so, how did it work out for you?

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